Titlecard Pictures, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and Los Angeles, California, was founded in 2004, by Dylan Thomas Collingwood, a professional talent manager and Kimani Ray Smith, a Director/Stunt Coordinator. After five years of acquiring and developing scripts, and producing their first feature film, "Cole", Dylan and Kimani are making their mark in the industry.

With tremendous success working in other aspects of the business they are intent upon further expanding their creative endeavours into feature film productions. With the support of various key players in the film industry, combined with their own accumulation of knowledge and experience, Titlecard Pictures is poised to become a driving force in the North American film productions industry.


Born and raised in Ottawa, Dylan's passion for movies came much as Quentin Tarantino's -- from working at a video store. Wanting to pursue a career in entertainment, he studied Film and English at Carleton University then headed west to Hollywood North.

In Vancouver, Dylan assisted at one of Canada's top talent agencies: King Talent. By 1999, he was a full-fledged agent, had developed an impressive roster, and was considered one of Canada's most aggressive new talent reps.

To bridge the gap with Los Angeles, Dylan relocated to Hollywood for the 2003 pilot season in order to build stronger relationships with producers, productions companies and studios. This move opened doors for his Vancouver clients, landing them series leads, studio deals and leading roles in feature films

After returning to Vancouver, Dylan joined TAMAC (Talent Agency Management Association of Canada), for one term, as the Western Canada representative, helping to ensure strong communication between the East and the West

In 2006, Dylan hung his own shingle with the launch of Collingwood Management Inc. Currently, CMI is comprised of four agents and represents many leading actors and creatives in Vancouver, Toronto, New York and L.A.. Supporting the local arts community, CMI sponsors the Leo Awards, the Jessies and Capilano College's Arts and Entertainment Management program. Dylan also donates his time to Studio 58 as a guest judge for their highly respected acting class.

With a background in contract negotiations, packaging and talent development, Dylan moved into producing in 2003. Recognizing the difficulty for Canadian actors to compete in American-driven markets, Dyland ecided to produce in-house projects thus allowing his clients to be able to excel in leading roles in quality films. This move led to the creation of Titlecard Pictures Inc. in 2004 with producer, director and stunt co-ordinator Kimani Ray Smith. Titlecard acquired several quality scripts and dove headlong into production. Their first feature Cole, directed by Carl Bessai, was privately funded and now complete, has attracted the attention of the highly respected Sundance Film Festival.

Titlecard Pictures is currently in development on several projects including their next dramatic feature Northbridge, being helmed by award-winning director Lynne Stopkewich.


In 1992, Kimani arrived in Vancouver B.C. to begin a career as a stunt performer in the motion picture industry. Hist highly-developed physical skills garnered him action roles in several big budget films, such as: Rumble in the Bronx, Romeo Must Die, Cat Woman, Blade 3, I Robot, Shooter, X-Men 3 and Farewell Atlantis. In the television world, he has stunt-doubled many lead actors for series such as Three, Stargate Atlantis, The Crow and Young Blades.

Soon after, Kimani studied acting and landed lead parts in two Vancouver independant feature films, Tight and Late Night Sessions. He has continued to build his acting resume with numerous television and film roles; Martian Child, Smallville, Atlantis, Edison and Watchmen, to name a few. As an actor/stunt performer, he has over 120 credits performing in front of the camera and was inducted into "The Canadian Stuntmen's Association" in 2003. Kimani has co-coordinated several feature films and recently traveled to Romani to be main unti co-stunt coordinator on the film The Hard Corps. Currently, Kimani is stunt coordinating commercians and the hit television series Kyle XY and Ssamurai Girl for ABC Family.

Wanting to explore the producing, writing and directing worlds, Kimani launched his company, AWOL Productions in 1998. Soon after, he wrote the screenplay for Self Projections which won the CBC Short Film Award in 1999. Later that year, he co-wrote and directed a television pilot, Evidence - The Truth Will Set You Free which was shot in Giza, Egypt and London, England. He also executive produced Dylan Akio Smith's short I, Metacanine, which won Best Film at the Reel Fast Film Festival in 2003, and produced the feature Nowhere Slowly under the AWOL banner. In 2004, Kimani opened his second production company, Titlecard Pictures Inc., with agent/producer Dylan Collingwood. Titlecard attached highly sought-after director Carl Bessai to direct their dramatic feature Cole, penned by up-and-comer Adam Zang. Privately financed, Cole (starring Richard De Klerk and Kandyse McClure) will be released to the festival circuit in 1999.

Titlecard Pictures is currently developing several projects including the feature thriller Northbridge, also penned by Zang, which has attracted award-winning writer/director/producer Lynne Stopkewich.


Aaron comes from the discipline of a life time of martial arts and started his career as a stunt performer at the early age of 16. He has performed in over 60 films and television shows in his hometown of Vancouver Canada. In 2005, he made the transition into fight choreography with his first job working with Lucy Lui in "Code Name: The Cleaner". He then went on to partner with Kimani Ray Smith as the coordinator/choreographer team for ABC Family's "Samurai Girl". Most recently he spent five seasons training and designing fights on the hit TV show "Smallville".

Early in his career, Aaron shot action shorts to increase his knowledge in the film making process and to promote himself as a performer. He did so well as a videographer and editor he was soon landing jobs shooting action pre-visuals for shows like "Scary Movie 4", "Night at the Museum", and "Stargate SG-1".

In 2008 Aaron formed his own productions company, Quadrant 2 Productions. As his first project, he set out to write, direct, and produce a dramatic short title, "The Tea Master". He brought Kimani Ray Smith on as Executive Producer and they pitched the project to Bravo!FACT who awarded them with a generous grant to finance hte film. Now complete, the film has appeared in over 20 film festivals around the world with awards for Best Picture, Best Dramatic Short, Best Cinematography, and nominations for Best Director and Best Editor.


Robert grew up in the Okanagan and was involved in community theatre as a young adult. He has been a success in every field of business he's entered starting with land development throughout British Columbia. He then went on to develop condominium complexes and hotels in Mexico. In 2002, he started a CCTV security business and became a wholesaler to markets across North America

Robert has always been a supporter of the arts working with Kimani Ray Smith on small projects over the years. It is after seeing the success of Titlecard Pictures and the ability to produce high quality product on a low budget that Robert decided to make the leap into film producing.