Love at first sight throws a professional hit man into a tailspin of obsession.


Calum McManus has a secret. According to his loving wife, he's a successful traveling insurance salesman. To his employer, he's their worst sales agent but that's not why they've hired him. West One Insurance, a front for the mob, contracts assassins and Calum is moving up the corporate ladder. While on business in New Orleans, Calum visits a voodoo fortune teller who cautions him of the consequences of living two lives. Ignore the warning, Calum completes his job by killing the psychic for helping the police in a mob murder investigation.

Suffering from severe nightmares because of the fortune teller's dying curse; he decides to leave the company. His boss uses Calum's family life as collateral and forces him to fulfill one last contract. Missing his mark, the botched hit turns out to be Calum's worst nightmare when both of his lives fatally collide. Plagued with guilt and hunted by the mob, Calum is forced to flee the states...

CHINA. Being a foreigner in a foreign land, the language barrier causes Calum to come out of hiding and get caught up in unforeseeable trouble where he's required to pay off a debt to a local Tri-Ad crime lord. His first assignment is to secure and deliver a priceless package. To his surprise, the package is JADE, a beautiful blind woman.

It's love at first sight. The heavily guarded Jade, covertly winks and slips Calum a note. It reads, "Help me". Reality sinks in; Jade's been kidnapped. By the cover of night and against all odds, Calum races to jade's rescue. He learns that Jade is being held hostage for her father's campaign debts and maintains the "blind act" in order to prey on her captor's pity.

As he gets more and more wrapped up in Jade's life his own past creeps ever closer. Calum becomes entangled in a web of deceit and obsession when he discovers her politician father is the mark he was supposed to kill on his last job. Calum makes the ultimate sacrifice, only to discover... love is blind.

This heart pounding, action packed, romance comes to an explosive conclusion as Calum struggles between his haunting past and Saving Jade.