A professional fighter risks his life to save a beautiful stranger in Hell's kitchen.


MMA star LOGAN O'CONNER is kidnapped and forced to fight to the death in an underground pit fight. After a grueling battle, Logan falls to the "Suffer Club's" undefeated champion. Presumed dead, Logan awakes into the horrors of Hell's Kitchen where a sadistic chef prepares the evening's special, "Rack of Man". Realizing he's next on the chopping block, Logan escapes but the desperate cries of a woman stop him in his tracks. Now Logan must make the choice between saving himself or being a hero.

Awards and Festival Highlights
Dragon*Con Film Festival Best Thriller Short
Action on Film International Film Festival Best Horror Short
Vancouver International Film Festival Official Selection
Fantastic Fest Official Selection
San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy FF Official Selection
Hollyshorts Official Selection
Eerie Horror Film Festival Official Selection
Crystal Palace International Film Festival Official Selection
Maelstrom Int. Fantastic Film Festival Official Selection
Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema Official Selection
Puchon Fantastic International Film Festival Official Selection